Glass Slipper Films, LLC: FAQ



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use wireless microphones at the ceremony?

Yes. We always put a lavaliere microphone on the groom. We will also mic a podium, if available.

How many cameras will you have at my ceremony and reception?

We always shoot with 2 HD cameras at the ceremony and reception.

Do you film weddings out of the Greater New Orleans, Baton Rouge, or Biloxi Areas?

We do, but will charge a travel fee if you are more than 1 hour away from our home office, in Madisonville.

How long will it take to receive our wedding video?

We ask that you allow a minimum of 16 weeks to receive you finished Blu-ray's. However, most people will get their final product sooner. Right now, our turnaround time is about 1 month. All Highlight Films will be posted online, within 14 business days, after the wedding date. Highlight Films will also be included on your Blu-ray or USB.

How many weddings do you book in a day?

I only book one wedding per day. I also book a limited number per year, in order to keep my turn-around time reasonable, so I recommend that you book your dates early.

What's the difference between the Highlight Film and the Documentary Version?

The Documentary Film is the long form, edited version of your wedding. You will receive footage from the ceremony and reception. This version is NOT a summary of your event, but the actual footage from the beginning of the ceremony to when we leave the reception.

The Highlight Film is an artistic form, from the events of your special day. The version is typically between 5-20 minutes,  depending on package, and includes any extras included in your package.

Can I purchase additional hours?

Yes! Additional hours can be purchased, but they must be done so in advance. It's $250/hour.

How do I go about booking your services?

Booking Glass Slipper Films is easy! First, please contact us for availability. A $500 non-refundable retainer fee is required for us to hold your date. This amount goes towards the purchase price, and the balance must be paid in full 14 days before your wedding date. We accept all forms of payment, and you can pay us online.

Do you have an additional question that you need answered? Want to know if we are available for your wedding date? Please CLICK HERE to contact us.